A Skyline Loop, and Alice’s Restaurant

June 20, 2021
26.96 miles
SF Bay Area

Itching to do another real climb before I move away to an area without mountains, but lacking the time1 to drive all the way to Mount Tamalpais or Mount Diablo, I decided to do a smaller but still formidable climb up to Skyline Boulevard. Although its vistas are not as famed as those of Mt. Tam, Skyline Boulevard still boasts impressive views that are better than anything you’ll find in Pittsburgh.

Road up mountainside Bicycle in front of railing Mountain view
Some pictures taken on the ascent and on the ridge. (full resolution: left, center, right)

This wasn’t an intended destination when I was planning the route, but I happened to stop by the famous Alice’s Restaurant and snapped a picture. I didn’t stop for food, since my grandma was already cooking something.

Road up mountainside
The famous Alice’s Restaurant. (full resolution)

The descent was also kind of nice, taking me through some lovely coastal redwoods.

Road bending on mountain Road through redwood grove
Some pictures taken on the descent. (full resolution: left, right)

I ended up doing just shy of 3,000 feet of climbing, over about 27 miles.

  1. I had spent much of the week hiking with friends, which I don’t regret.↩︎