Some Riding around Beijing

January 7, 2020
17.63 miles

I’ve mentioned this a few times on this website, but because of family reasons, I go to Beijing often for breaks. One nice thing is that bike sharing apps are pretty big in China; some of the bigger companies include Ofo and Mobike.1 (Healthy Ride has recently been making inroads in Pittsburgh as well.) I’ve always loved cycling, so one of my favorite things to do in Beijing is to get one of these ride share bikes and just explore the city. I’ve done this on several occasions, but the ride on January 7, 2020 is the first one for which I have fitness tracking data. Unfortunately, I don’t have GPS data as well, and it’s been more than a year since it happened, so I’m a little fuzzy on the exact details.

Ride share bike against tree
I was surprised to find this Ofo in Seattle in 2018. I also found a Mobike in Cambridge, UK. (full resolution)

I could be mixing this up with a previous ride, but I think I went to a cool-looking library in a tech/entertainment park. (If I recall correctly, there were IBM, Red Hat, and Google offices at that location, which is somewhat surprising for China.) I’d actually been to a movie theater over there as well. I did what sounds like a leisurely 6.8 mph, but remember that these ride share bikes are not exactly the fastest of steeds.

Arched wall full of books
A very cool library in Beijing. (full resolution)

  1. I spent the summer of 2017 in Beijing, commuting to the lab at the university on a Mobike.↩︎