Three Dinosaurs and a Factory

August 10, 2018

During high school, I spent a several summer days just exploring Beijing by bicycle, going wherever I felt like going. I don’t have any fitness tracking data from this time, but I have pictures and memories, which I guess are more important or something?1 Anyway, one particularly memorable day was spent biking to the 798 art district. I went into some of the art galleries (well, the free ones), but mostly I just walked around the area.

Three dinosaur statues in cages
Some street art involving three dinosaurs? I’m honestly getting some England football team vibes from that one. (full resolution)

Another fun thing was crawling under a gate to poke around an abandoned factory. I don’t see how the guard could have missed me—he probably just didn’t care.

Staircase in abandoned factory
A rusty staircase in the factory. I considered climbing it, but some of the rungs were rusted through, so I thought better of it. (full resolution)

I guess this relates only tangentially to cycling, but it was a nice memory.

  1. “If it’s not on Strava, it doesn’t count…”↩︎