My First Metric Century

August 8, 2020
62.17 miles (~100 kilometers)
Great Allegheny Passage

On August 8, 2020, I did my first century ride! (Well, at least in the sane unit system…) I ended up doing 62.17 miles, which is just a hair above 100 kilometers. I finally decided to splurge a bit on biking equipment; I got a top tube bag (which was really useful, allowing me to grab snacks without having to dismount and also letting me carry an extra water bottle) and padded bike shorts (which didn’t fully remove the soreness, but certainly helped mitigate it). Although I overslept and ended up leaving at around 9:30 am, two hours after I had intended, it was an enjoyable ride overall. Some general thoughts on the ride:

A couple of interesting incidents arose during the ride: